Exhibition and Sponsorship


Priory is the UK’s largest independent provider of eating disorder treatment. We recognise that eating disorders are complex and unique to each individual, so tailor our treatment programmes to meet the needs of each patient. This enables us to produce the most positive outcomes for each individual seeking our support.



Orri is a specialist Intensive Day Treatment service for those living with eating disorders and their families. We exist to collaborate with experts by experience and partners to enhance accessible and quality treatment throughout the UK, so that individuals, families and communities can thrive.



The Scottish Eating Disorders Interest Group (SEDIG) is a unique supportive forum comprised of professionals, carers and those in recovery from an eating disorder. Education and training in relation to evidence based interventions, providing support for carers and striving for equity of access to high quality services are current areas of priority for SEDIG.


Ellern Mede

Ellern Mede Eating Disorder and Education Services are internationally renowned for helping children and young adults achieve effective recovery through flexible inpatient and outpatient treatments, from short to medium term duration. We have one of the highest staff to patient ratios and offer NHS and Private services from early intervention to high dependency as well as follow up outpatient care.


EDIC 2021 offers many opportunities for sponsorship that provide the opportunity to participate and gain maximum exposure to delegates. The packages available are flexible and the conference team will assist you and your organisation to tailor a specific sponsorship package to meet your needs. 

The team will also work with you to ensure that any individual aspect of the conference you may be sponsoring is well planned, attended and gains your company full exposure.

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring EDIC 2021, please contact the Conference Team on edic@beateatingdisorders.org.uk