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Psychosomatic dimensions of the self for adults with eating disorders: a mixed-methods systematic review and best-fit framework synthesis

This session presents the results from a mixed-methods systematic review examining the psychosomatic dimensions of the self as experienced by adults with eating disorders from clinical and community samples. By applying a Best-Fit Framework Synthesis, empirical findings are integrated to illustrate how individuals engage with their embodied self, incorporating the experiential body and affective self-identity. Further investigation of felt changes (turning points) in the idiosyncratic extents of the self during an ED is recommended.

Lilli Clark

In the autumn of 2020, Lilli Clark began her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Edinburgh's School of Health in Social Science as a member of the Eating Disorders & Behaviours Research Group.

Lilli's doctoral research investigates sense of self and identity throughout the course of disordered eating and recovery with an emphasis on cognitive, affective, and behavioural perspectives. At the intersection of her lived experience and professional idée fixe, Lilli seeks to improve understanding and treatment of the self-experience variables that influence recovery processes.