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The emergence of TEDS: a unique, online eating disorder service that was shaped and essentially strengthened by the pandemic.

The Eating Disorder Specialists (TEDS) were coming into fruition amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With the aim of providing unique, integrated therapy packages to individuals living with eating disorders in the community, TEDS found itself launching a new service whilst the world was adapting. In response to imposed restrictions, TEDS decided to deliver their therapy packages exclusively online.

TEDS Client Evaluation Forms were distributed to clients. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected.

Results: The feedback collated from Evaluation forms indicate that online therapy is an accessible, cost-effective, and practical way of engaging in therapy. TEDS Values were also reflected in feedback.

Regarding fairness, online therapy reduces costs and travel, making therapy more accessible for individuals regardless of their location. The feedback indicated that TEDS was a better service because being online allows increased flexibility of session times, ultimately increasing our accessibility to clients. With regards to being faster, our unique integrated approach means that clients have two therapy sessions each week, providing an opportunity for faster client rapport.

Clare M. Steedman & Rachael Alder-Byrne

Clare is a leading Specialist Occupational Therapist in Eating Disorders, a Systemic Psychotherapy Practitioner, and the Co- Founder & Clinical Director of TEDS, which is an innovative, online therapy service. Clare has extensive experience of working alongside adults with Eating Disorders within in-patient, day patient and community contexts and has lead many services, drawing upon her passion to develop empathic, evidence-based services fundamentally based on the needs of clients. She has conducted various Eating Disorder training seminars throughout her career and has been active in research. Clare is currently the Co-Chair of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Eating Disorders Specialist Interest Group.

Rachael is a specialist Art Psychotherapist within the field of Eating Disorders, as well as an EMDR Therapist and the Co- Founder and Clinical Director of TEDS. Rachael began studying art and design having a keen interest in creativity before moving onto exploring a passion in people. She has extensive clinical experience in a wide variety of clinical contexts, ranging from Palliative Care to Eating Disorders, the latter being a major interest. Having focused her dissertation on eating disorders and closely following the research thereafter, Rachael worked in a private care home offering support to individuals struggling with severe and enduring eating disorders before moving onto TEDS.