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Veganism and eating disorders: A literature review and implications for practice and research

More people are adopting a vegan lifestyle for environmental, animal rights and other ethical reasons. In eating disorder populations there is a higher rate of veganism than in the general population. This has led people working in the area to wonder if this over representation of vegans within eating disorder populations might be more related to the illness itself than moral/ ethical choices. That is, is it possible that adopting a vegan diet provides a socially acceptable means to restrict food groups.

In order to address this question, we looked at the available research papers to review their findings. This session will offer a short over view of the findings of this literature review. In addition Dr Wallace will the clinical applications of these findings within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Adult Eating Disorder Service, as well as implications for future research.

Dr Sonia Wallace

Dr Sonia Wallace is a HCPC registered clinical psychologist currently working within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Adult Eating Disorder Service.

Throughout her clinical training and post qualification practice in Community Mental Health she developed an interest in the field of Eating Disorders. She undertook her Doctoral research in the area of Binge Eating Disorder and coping.

She has been working with the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Adult Eating Disorder service since 2017. Within this post she has become interested in the links between veganism and eating disorder, in relation to best practice for treatment.