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Hannah Murray

Hannah is 28 years old and after a 10 year battle with Anorexia Nervosa is now proud to say she is at a stage of recovery that she once never even dreamed would be possible to reach.

Hannah studied Medicine at University, and despite a turbulent time there, graduated in 2018. A further relapse in late 2018 led to a third hospital admission at which point she decided to fully commit to recovery, whatever that took. Hannah made the difficult decision to withdraw from her role as a Doctor to allow her more time to focus on herself. She uprooted her life and chose to begin to work through past traumas and change situations that were keeping her stuck in a cycle of being unwell.

Most recently Hannah has worked with Orri as an online client. She will be forever grateful for the support she received from their wonderful team as she is now able to believe that one day she will say she is fully recovered, despite having been told by many others previously that she never would be.

In 2019 Hannah began work as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant and is currently working as an online tutor. She has formed new friendships and worked hard to rebuild her life and focus on her mental health.

Hannah is passionate about sharing her story and hopes one day to advocate for changing the trajectory of so many people’s stories, that like herself, were told would “never recover”. She believes there is always hope and change really is possible if you believe in yourself and have the right support alongside you.